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Tyler Higgins 
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 ACMG Ski Guide & Hiking Guide, Mountain Bike instructor, River Guide 

I've always wanted to start my own guiding company, ever since entering the tourism industry 10-years ago. Over the years, I've asked myself “Why guiding? ...What is it that I enjoy so much?” The answer is: finding Flow. The feeling when skiing never-ending powder or guiding a raft perfectly down a big set of rapids. When your mountain bike becomes an extension of your body. These feelings, along with the stunning backdrop of the mountains, ignite my passion to guide and share in what and where I call my home.


Living in Golden, BC, I offer guiding services around the local areas using a range of adventures. In the winter, we ski tour around Kicking Horse backcountry, Rogers Pass, and the Rockies. I also spend time heli-skiing with CMH, Canadian Mountain Holidays. The summers bring warm weather white water rafting, mountain biking, and hiking.


I am a Ski & Hiking guide with the ACMG and a member of the Canadian Avalanche Associations, Professional Mountain Bike Instructor and a trained river professional.

Dave Crerar
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ACMG  Ski Guide ( Split boarder ) 

Dave is a pro-snowboarder that rides for The North Face, Olive Boards, Karakoram Bindings and Qwax wax.


Dave has focused on becoming a splitboard guide to help show other people how to get out and ride the back-country like the best of them.

If you are looking for someone to take you to the next level in back-country travel. Dave is your guy.

Why splitboarding: why not? Shredding bottomless powder on a snowboard is hard beaten by pretty much anything else on each, save, a mother's home cooked dinner. Thanks, mom:)

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Simon Beland 

ACMG Ski Guide (split) 

Simon will be leading this year’s intro to split and ski touring. Simon is a split-boarder and a skier. He also speaks two languages French and English, He is a man of many skills. You can find him out in the mountain split boarding in the winter and in the summer he might be flying above as a paragliding pilot. Simon also works at Selkirk Tangiers heli-skiing out of Revelstoke.

Diana Saly 

ACMG Apprentice Ski Guide 

Diana is one of our AST leaders and loves ski touring days in Rogers Pass. Diana is our full-time snow nerd/professor as she has completed university studies in avalanche research. When she is not helping us she can be found working a CMH Kootenay. Diana is one of the forecasters for Avalanche Canada which means you might have read one of her public bulletins. In Summer you can find her fight wildfire here in BC.

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